Serving Calgary for over 15 years in both residential homes and commercial buildings, we have all the professional experience to solve your plumbing problems the right way.


Replace those old toilets , faucets and shower heads with new water saving ones. Save money on your bills and save the planet! Ask us about our packages (replacing all toilets, shower heads and faucets in your home & browse "products" on the home page to start looking at some of the most common water saving fixtures sold in Canada)


In Calgary, heaters usually only last 7-12 years due to the hardness content in our water:- minerals from the mountains are picked up as water makes its way into the rivers, making it "hard", which can do damage to walls of the hot water tank over time. This erosion process is eventually visible as small leak that gets larger with time and can cause substantial damage if ignored. Replacement of a hot water tank takes only 2 hours and is relatively straight forward. We carry all brands of hot water tanks, recycle the old ones and leave you with a warranty after installation for peace of mind.


Water softeners save you money and increase the life expectancy of the plumbing , fixtures and appliances in your home or business. They remove the "hardness" content which is visible on faucets and inside of toilet bowls. Thats the magnesium and calcium build up. This stuff is also not good for your plumbing pipes and fittings, not to mention all the inner workings of the fixtures and appliances! Over time hard water will cause premature failure of your plumbing systems. Water softeners also save you a ton of money on soap products. Hard water stops soap from doing its job. When you install a water softener, you remove the hardness allowing you to use 80% LESS soap. Lather your hair? just a drop will do. Laundry? Your detergent seems to last forever now. Dishes? Watch them come out crystal clean.


Leaks and broken plumbing fixtures can do substantial damage to property. Let our professionals fix it the right way so you can get back to your life and stop stressing about things you shouldn't have to worry about. Most repairs take only an hour and its a good time to have some of the other things looked at as well. Ever wonder what your water pressure is? It varies in Calgary depending how close you are to a pump station. If its too high you're suppose to have a pressure reducing valve installed on your main line after the meter. Without a PRV, your plumbing fixtures and systems are under a tremendous amount of unnecessary pressure which leads to premature failure of pipe, fittings, faucets and valves. Not to mention high water pressure will void your warranties on your brand new dishwashers, laundry machines and water dispensing fridges! Check your warranty noting the "water pressure section." Most appliances only allow 80 psi or less. Whether its a repair or a new installation, call us for professional service and peace of mind. All of our work comes with a one year parts and labour warranty at no extra charge.


Plugged drain? No problem. Whether its a regular blockage, roots or something stuck in the pipe, we can bring our drain cleaning machines to snake or auger out the blockage and return things back to normal.